Body At Work

August 24, 2012

A cool thing happens when you volunteer, more than once.  You begin to create family.  For instance, as framing began on the Coburn Loop Home (2011fire destroyed home) Rita returned and it was like a homecoming.  Rita and her children had dug footings and plumbing trenches weeks earlier and now here she is again!  Some might say, “Only weeks ago and you’re already calling her family?”  Well, yes, partially because more than a decade of working with volunteers has made it apparent, at least to me, they are the part of the body that does physical work.  Nothing wrong with the head and intellect, but when the foot and hand get going they just know they are related.  There is no need to reason it out, for in the dust of the ground, the dust of the saw, and the sweat of the brow family is known.

6 thoughts on “Body At Work

  1. Marvin Eckfeldt

    Great insight, David. What is true with our physical body is true with the “body of spirit”, community of work – community of spirit; and aren’t they together the One Body?! It is wondderful to see the work of rebuilding continue and thrive!


  2. Jftruitt

    Dave, is there any way I can post this on our UMVIM Disaster Response Facebook page? I think this is really well written and delivers a great message.

    Jim Truitt Sent from my iPad


    1. Dave Post author

      Go ahead and copy and re-post as you need. If it is better to have the document and photo sent to you let me know and I will send it! Thanks Jim.



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