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Manes and Memories

By Dorris Steeg

April 26, 2012

It might be the era of my childhood, or it might be the rural area I grew up in, or it may be growing up in the west, or it just may be normal in every U.S. school in every era…

I remember my elementary school playground when I look at this Spring Horse photo by Doris Steeg.  Girls ran the playground from one end to the other, tossing their hair side to side, sometimes with one arm behind them—as if a tail, and whinnying.  These were the wild horses, manes flashing and tails running, of Sulphur Springs playground.  Romping around and laughing, they paid little to no attention to us boys.  Us boys didn’t pay much attention to them either, but just enough, I guess, to store a memory away to surface again another day.  I don’t remember when the girls quit living as wild horses, maybe about the time we boys began paying more attention to their manes.  Yet, when I think about all these years of marriage…maybe the wild horse never really went away.

© David B. Bell 2012


By Roger Lynn

April 23, 2012
My Future

It is hard to imagine the type of day we had for the first Spring Horse event!  Sunny and the slightest of breezes allowed for a day that began with sunrise, ended with sunset, and permitted a wonderful opportunity to experience the valley landscape and a few of its hosts.  From driving to hiking folks lived with the valleys hosts up close and at a distance.  And where horses were not seen, that land smiled in their place.  The day became wonderful way to support My Future: extended-learning art program.

The photo “Youngster” is the first of a few photos to be posted this week!

© David B. Bell 2012

Digging and Horses—Landscape Listening

April 20, 2012
JustLiving Farm

For years we have been using 5” aluminum mainline to supply our irrigation water.  Each year for the last three years we work to place a little more of it underground.  This year is no different.  Having the line underground not only makes life a little easier, but it also saves water, which matters when you consider how much water it takes to grow pasture and hay.  I enjoy this work, but I am really looking forward to tomorrow!

Spring Horse begins at 5:30am.  This is our first year to offer the opportunity to experience the wild horses of our landscape.  Beginning with sunrise, folks from a two state region will head out in hope of seeing, experiencing, and photographing wild horses who make reservation land their home.  A full day of wonderful countryside, horses, and many new folk I have never met.  And that is just cool.  To hang out, introduce folk to the landscape I love and have the opportunity to hear about their home and their landscape.  These conversations always help me attain a little more insight to how others experience creation and how it feeds their spirit; that in turn helps me to become more aware of my landscape, my spirit, and my relationship with Creation—amazing stuff!

Until tomorrow though, a little more digging…

By Roger Lynn (One of our Spring Horse Mentors!)

© David B. Bell 2012

Spring Horse

Photographer David Biddle

March 17, 2012
My Future
Yakama Mission
JustLiving Farm

SPRING HORSE—Yakama Reservation April 21, 2012

Spring Horse is a day for anyone who wants to experience the wild as few have the opportunity.  From sunrise to sunset, you have the chance to spend a partial or full day with photographers who will help you frame a photo of wild beauty.  BUT, you do not have to be a photographer to enjoy the day!  If you are simply interested in experiencing the wild horses of the Yakama Reservation, join us!  Bring your binoculars, spotting scopes, compact cameras, DSLR cameras, whatever fits your needs.

There is no fee for the day, but donations are encouraged.  All donations go to MY FUTURE, the art-based after-school program of the Yakama Mission.

We are lucky to have five great photographers whose photo’s call for pause: David Biddle, Roger Lynn, Jeff Kent, Rebecca and Andy Lee.

Save the date of April 21 for Spring Horse and send an email to to receive further info as it becomes available and reserve a spot for the day!

Spring Horse is a collaborative opportunity provided by the Yakama Mission and JustLiving Farm—Good Spirit, Good Land, Good Food.

© David B. Bell 2012

Farm Kid Day!

March 12, 2012
JustLiving Farm

She moved around slowly.  Very slowly.  Every doe in the herd except her had kidded.  I had thought she would kid two days earlier and I think she thought the same, but so far, nothing.  When I arrived at the barn she moved up to the gate.  The gate led to the area where we bring mothers for a few hours after birthing.  While there, kids get a shot of selenium, iodine on their umbilical cord, and an ear tag.  I think she came to the gate because she thought if she could get in, that would induce her babies.  I opened the gate, and she slowly walked in.

It took a full day, but by the next morning the slow moving doe finally had twins, one doeling and one buckling.  Life seemed better!  After a week of birthing, every doe had a kid on the ground, and no deaths!  Which means…

FARM KID DAY!  Yep, the time has arrived for our annual workday with kids and their mothers.  This is the day when we trim mother’s hooves, give them a good brush down, and cleaned them up.  At the same time kids get tetanus shots, dehorned, and banded.  A very busy two to four hours.  Normally, we have this day on Saturday, but this year we have a Saturday workshop presentation.  So, instead, we are going with a Sunday afternoon.  If you would like to come and help (your kids and grandkids are welcome!), you are welcomed!

COME join us and other folk who support small farms!  Come and help work with the mothers and kids, walk around and learn about the farm, and sit down with us, new friends, and have homemade chili and sourdough bread!  Please call or email and let us know your coming!

March 18, 2012: 1:00pm

Join JustLiving Farm for a day of…
Care for Does and newborn Kids.
Supper of Chili & Sourdough Bread.

RSVP (509) 969-2093 or

© David B. Bell 2012

Flinging a Pollock

September 30, 2010

The ancient Hebrew stories of beginning, speak about creating well.  The tellers of these stories spoke of creation as a time of wonder, ease, thought, care, love.  The angst and hardness many hear in these old stories arise from the days when people struggled to maintain safety, health, and food on the table.  These are times when hardship rather than pleasure defines work.  The creating of creation though was neither chore nor hardship but rather a time where work and play are one.  When the Creator gathers the cosmos and flings it about like a Pollock, creating artful universes that expand beyond our imaginations and flower our dreams, there is fullness and balance—the gathering of work is intimate with the playfulness of flinging.  The gentle lifting of soil, the molding as if clay, the breathing into, is not hardship but the lyrical creation of human.  Raising up water and pulling steams to flow through firs and ferns, tucking a cutthroat trout downstream behind bolder, slipping a rabbit below blackberry vines, gracing the ridge with Red-tail hawk gliding the contours speaks of inspiration.  Such creating is delightful work.  The ancient stories of Creator work speak of hands that are as playful as they are callous, whose work is good rather than drudgery, and whose rest is stepping back from artful creation enjoying the wonderment, thoughtfulness, and questioning what is best next.

The Genesis words “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion,” in a creative landscape are not words of power or chore.  They do not speak of one element of creation trumping another.  These are words calling creation into coexistence, pleasure, and playful work.  They call humanity into creative artfulness.  Subduing and dominion is a call into the creative artfulness of gracefully gathering the earthly cosmos and fashioning relationship.  Such creative action trumps hierarchy causing Creator to walk with creation in “the evening breeze,” where both are one.  In those evening walks one is reminded wind not only serves the breath of humanity, but the breath of the mouse and moose, tree and algae, soil and worm, as well.  Creative blessing flows as such moments and all of creation experiences blessedness.

“God…created every living creature that moves, of every kind, with which the waters swarm, and every winded bird of every kind.  And…God blessed them saying, ‘Be fruitful and multiply.”  Blessing is radical equality formed into creation.  The Creators blessing of humanity is no less and no more than blessing given to animals and plant and water and earth and stars.  Creation is simply, fully, and wholly blessed.

Sunday is the farms celebration of Blessing of the Animals.

Blessing of the Animals
Sunday, October 3, 2010

3pm:                      Gathering
3:30pm:                Blessing our companion animals: cats, horses, dogs, turtles, etc.
4:00pm:                Blessing our wild neighbors: hawks, rabbits, jays, coyotes, mice, etc.
4:30pm:                Blessing our companion animals
4:45-5:00pm:      Rest and enjoy and wonder.

Arrive at any time which best fits your and your companions life.

If you have no animals to bring, come just the same.  Your presence is a blessing to the community and you will be blessed in return.

© David B. Bell 2010