Farm Visits

Welcome to the JustLiving Farm . Whether you are an individual needing a retreat, a small group looking to reconnect, or a college group looking for a fall or spring service opportunity, we will provide the opportunity to engage in conversations of landscape justice. During the last half century, the number of people living and working on farms has dropped to fewer than two percent of the American population. During a stay, your group has the opportunity remember the farm of their ancestors by experiencing the landscape through working and playing with soil, animals, and plants, by developing a keener sense of how their food is planted, and harvested; and, by learning to question themselves and their environment.


Family Farm Stay

The farm is available to families who want to spend a night or a week. Together with the family’s elders, we open the farm to opportunities to have youth and children engage in work and wonderment found on the farm. Or just provide space for families to center and have simple time together!

Spring & Fall Break

JustLiving Farm offers Fall and Spring-Break opportunities. These farm stays are structured in conversation with organizers to provide students the chance to engage in service opportunities tied to land justice. A typical week might have students working a forge and forming needed tools or implements for the farm, caring for animals, and having daily conversations on how justice occurs at the intersection of these topics and their academic major or career.  Each student is encouraged to ask questions of themselves and their colleagues of what justice looks like at the intersection of their life ambition. Regardless of a major or career, e.g., Business, Biology, Physics, Accounting, there is a tie to land justice.

Housing is about 20 minutes from the farm. Groups prepare their own meals at the the location where they stay.  Meals are cooked in community and folk at the farm will help students explore their foods origin, preparation, and consumption.


Learning and Serving

During the summer Yakama Christian Mission offers weeklong Learning and Serving opportunities at JustLiving Farm that we call SAGE Quest.

Sage is a rather common word on the reservation sage steppe while the word Quest is not.  However, they work well together.  Sage speaks to the wise, perceptive, or clearheaded.  Quest is pilgrimage where uncertainty and risk are bounded by sacred.

Pilgrimage, Phil Cousineau notes, “is an ancient tradition of the transformative journey to a sacred place.”  Sage and quest come together to speak to the artful experience of seeking wisdom.

The “serving” component of the weeklong experience is to have folk engage in hands on work that will directly engage injustice felt on the reservation.  This work is specific to the needs that have arisen in the last year, so the work changes from year to year.  Work may be on the Farm, with Yakama Nation wildlife, working on elder homes, and enhancing the White Swan community.

The “learning” component typically engages issues of injustice found on the reservation or “off”-reservation justice issues that affect the landscape of the reservation.  Over the course of the week, the issues often engaged are: Economic injustice, Racial injustice, Cultural injustice, Ecology injustice.

Spring and summer opportunities often fill during the fall season.  If your group might be interested in visiting the reservation in the spring or summer, please contact us!

Though these are week long experiences, we are open to shorter stays when not booked.

Take a look at our TYPICAL WEEK (Folk arrive Saturday evening and leave Thursday around noon.).  Our goal is to allow appropriate time for self and/or group-reflection time. We want your experience to edge closer to a pilgrimage than a worktrip!
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