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We sell by “Hanging Weight.”  What is that?
Hanging weight is simply the weight of meat and bone prior to cutting and wrapping.  In the course of cutting and wrapping bone is removed which means the final weight of packaged beef is less than hanging weight.  Cattle come in different sizes, so the actual cost differs from animal to animal–averages of total cost are noted in the Buy Now area below.  Additional costs include: Cut and Wrap, Kill Fee, and Taxes.

When is Beef available?
We harvest our beef during the winter.  Your beef is ready for pickup between December and February.

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1/4 Beef  Buy Now Button

$3.50 per lb / $150 deposit  (Approximate hanging weight 160lbs and will yield between 110-130 pounds of beef. A quarter beef will generally use 4 cubic feet of freezer space.)
10-20% Premium Steaks
40-50% Round Steaks, Roast, Stew
40-50% Burger   (Liver, heart, oxtail, tongue on request)
2022/23: Average Hanging: 194 / Average Total Cost: $886.00