Natural Beef


Natural Grass-Fed Beef

Raising grass-fed beef at JustLiving Farm is simple. Feed grass and keep it natural.

We take three steps in providing you good beef raised justly.

First is to say what we are not.  We are not a cow-calf operation.  Our preference would be to have our own cows, birth their calves, and raise them.  However, we also know that in our valley and in the US, well over 95% of all calves end up in feedlots where they will never see a blade of grass.  We think that is unjust.

At JustLiving Farm we break this cycle.  All of our cow-calf neighbors raise their cows and calves on grass.  When these calves are weaned and ready to go to the auction barn to become commodity beef on a feedlot, we enter the picture and buy our neighbors calves.  We figure every calf we raise at the farm is one calf whose life is lived well, naturally, and of course, on grass.  This is a simple model that allows justice to occur on calf at a time.

Second, our quality beef comes from by allowing our cattle to eat JustLiving Farm grass from the moment they are weaned from their mama. Our pastures and hay fields are a mix of grasses, clover, and natural occurring plants. During the summer months cattle rotationally graze our pastures providing good plant and soil health. During this same season, we raise grass and alfalfa hay without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. When the summer month pass and winter arrives, our animals are turned out onto the hay fields.  There they roam and eat freely while we supplement their diet with our summer grown hay. These practices assure our animals, plants, soil, and water are well treated.

Third, we are constantly working to provide excellent living conditions for every animal. We believe animals who are well cared for and live stress-free lives provide you with meat whose texture, marbling, and taste are beyond measure. Simply, we think cattle who roam free, eat naturally, and drink good cool water, taste better.

We do not take this responsibility to our animals and you lightly. To ensure our animals a good life and you good beef, we walk our pastures daily, pay attention to the plants they eat, the water they drink, and the soil on which they live.


We have two ways you can buy JustLiving beef.  You can buy USDA inspected beef by the piece.  Simply call for current pricing and availability.

Second, you can buy our beef as Locker Beef.  Which means you can buy beef by the quarter, half, or whole.  Folk often worry their freezer is not big enough.  However, a small chest freezer costing less than $150 and will hold half a beef.  And many folks will partner with a neighbor—a quarter beef will fit in two normal refrigerator freezers.  However you might buy, the one-time bulk cost provides you with quality beef at a price that beats your local supermarket.

We butcher every fall.  2018 beef is now being sold.  Locker Beef cost is $3.50/lb hanging weight (the weight of meat and bone when it arrives at the butcher shop), plus slaughter fee and plus the cost of cutting and wrapping into individual pieces.

Want to Reserve a Beef?  Please fill out the form and we will contact you: