Premium Grass and Alfalfa Hay

Our goal is to raise premium hay in a sustainable manner. Sustainability is a word that means different things to different folks. For us, sustainability is about raising quality hay in a manner that takes into account the landscape of the JustLiving Farm and its community.

One of our core concerns is to raise hay in a manner that cares for the soil, animals, plants, air, and our neighbors.

To make this a reality, our goal is to raise hay without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides. We incorporate old fashion manure into our fields, and cut a little more often to keep our weeds and pests to a minimum. Producing hay in this manner means we produce less tonnage per acre and guarantee a few weeds and a few bugs. Yet each year our soil increases in humus, beneficial microbes, and plants develop natural immunities.

Bottom line, we raise our hay sustainably, it benefits the environment, and it has great nutritional benefits for your animals. We do this with an aim to develop relationship and long-term buyers. For instance, when a ton of hay leaves the farm, some of those bales will have weeds. However, our purpose is not to sell weeds and should the buyer come across a bale half-full of weeds, then, next time around, we replace that bale. Thus, we strive for long-term buyers and an equitable relationship!

Click 2015 July Alfalfa Analysis for an analysis of our 2nd cutting of alfalfa.

2015 Hay Pricing (06/01/17)

(Cash accepted at the Farm. Credit Cards or PayPal may be used at the Farm or below,
please contact us if you plan on paying prior to arrival.)

Alfalfa Hay
85#-95# Bales (Average tonnage is base on 90# bales = 22 bale/ton)
Premium Hay: $8.50 per bale (50+ bales), $9.00 per bale (25+ bales), $9.50 per bale (24- bales)

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Hay Terms of Sale

  • Please be read ALL policies BEFORE purchase.
  • We prefer cash but do accept checks with prior approval and after obtaining adequate personal information. We do not accept credit cards.
  • Hay is sold “as is”. We do not warranty hay. We are constantly working our soil. This means we plant grass where alfalfa has trouble growing. Therefore, you can expect to find grass in some of your alfalfa bales and alfalfa in your grass bales.Remember, we raise hay in a sustainable manner and guarantee a few weeds. However, our goal is not sell weeds and want your return business! Should you receive a bale of mostly weeds we will replace it on your next purchase.
  • Buyer loads their own hay and ties down their load.
  • All sales are final. We do not accept the return of any hay once it leaves the farm.
  • We assume no responsibility of hay after it leaves our farm.