Carbon Sequestered Christmas Gift


Carbon Sequestered Christmas Gift

Okay, the idea of a carbon sequestered gift might be stretching it a little.  However, this fall we are not having large groups to the farm to buy this year’s farm art.  Stoneware, pottery, farm quilts, and lip balms are available for small family groups who would like to visit and pick up one of our handmade gifts.  However, in this moment of us all doing our best to maintain community health, we invite you to stay home, gift your loved one(s), and support the farm.  Simply send a gift of any amount to the farm on behalf of your loved and we will send them (or you if you prefer) the PDF below.  All funds raised this year will go to enhancing our goat birthing facilities.

Fill in the form below and send the farm  whatever donation you like (above).

Sample Christmas Thank You Card