SAGE Quest


During the summer we offer week long opportunities that we call SAGE Quest. While sage is a rather common word on a farm butting up to a sage steppe, Quest might seem a bit odd. However, they work well together. Sage often speaks to one who is wise, perceptive, or clearheaded. Quest is a pilgrimage where uncertainty and risk are bounded by sacred. Pilgrimage, Phil Cousineau notes, “is an ancient tradition of the transformative journey to a sacred place.” Together, sage and quest speak to the artful experience of seeking wisdom. SAGE Quest, is a one week experience on the Yakama Reservation. Folk are invited into a holistic experience of journey in sacred landscape. Center to this experience are the conversations with David, Belinda, and local friends. Together we wonder the issue of landscape justice. You are invited to arrive with a sense of wonder, a desire to journey, and a longing for relationship while in search of sage.

The focus of a pilgrimage week depends on conversations with a group’s leader(s) prior to arrival. Yet, each week begins and end with becoming comfortable with the landscape—soil, plants, animals, wind. Landscape leads to conversations of justice toward the soil, race, culture, economic, food, and creation.

Work is done both at the farm and in community. Our goal in 2016 is to plant, grow, and harvest squash for our counties food banks.  As in any year, folk who come will also gather eggs, vaccinate steers, forge metal, and build fence, at the Farm. We also spend a work day bettering our community.  Such work might be at the homeless shelter, helping small farmer or community member, or enhance the White Swan community park. With your help we work to better the wellbeing of our community!

Though these are week long experiences, we are open to shorter stays when not booked.

Take a look at our TYPICAL WEEK (Folk arrive Saturday evening and leave Thursday around noon.).  Our goal is to allow appropriate time for self and/or group-reflection time. We want your experience to edge closer to a pilgrimage than a worktrip!
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