Natural Grass-Fed Beef

We think the how of raising grass-fed beef is quite simple. Feed grass and keep it natural.

We take three steps in providing you the best of beef. First we buy grass-fed calves when they are weaned from their mothers. We buy grass-fed calves rather than raise our own because we believe a bit of justice occurs each time a calf destined for a bare manure filled feedlot arrives at the farm to live a natural grass-fed life.

Second, we provide quality beef by allowing our cattle to eat JustLiving Farm grass from the moment they are weaned from their mama. Our pastures and hay fields are a mix of grasses, clover, and natural occurring plants. During the summer months our cattle rotationally graze our pastures. During this same season, we raise grass and alfalfa hay without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. When winter arrives, we turn our animals out onto the hay fields where they roam freely and supplement them with our summer grown hay. By engaging these practices, we assure the well-treatment of  our animals, plants, soil, and water.

Third, we do our best to provide excellent living conditions for our animals. Our philosophy is animals who are well cared for and live stress-free lives not only live well, but provide folk with meat whose texture, marbling, and taste are beyond measure. It might sound weird, but cattle who roam freely, eat naturally, and drink good cool water taste better.

We do not take our responsibility to our animals and you lightly. To ensure you the best of meat, and our animals the best of life, we walk our pastures daily keeping a close eye on their wellbeing, by paying attention to the plants they eat, the water they drink, and the soil on which they live.

Providing high quality beef means our pricing is somewhat higher than those who raise livestock in feedlots.  We are a bit higher because we provide high quality feed and ensure a humane and healthy environment for our animals. Nonetheless, you will find our prices reasonable.  For instance, our 2015 fall beef, once cut and wrapped, cost roughly $6.30 per pound.  Those same cuts averaged $9.96 per pound at our local Costco.  That is a $3.66 per pound savings and the meat is justly and naturally raised!

Our beef is sold as Locker Beef.  What does that mean?  We sell beef in quarters, halves, and whole.  Worried your freezer is not big enough?  You might be surprised to find and small, simple chest freezer costs less than $150 and will hold a half beef.  Not only can you partner with a neighbor or family, but the cost is a one time expense and is more than covered by the savings you attain by buying in bulk!

We butcher each fall/early winter.  Your cost is $3.50/lb hanging weight (the weight of meat and bone when it arrives at the butcher shop), plus slaughter fee and plus the cost of cutting and wrapping into individual pieces.

The process is simple (and we will walk you all the way through!)

  • Fill out the Reserving a Beef? info below.
  • Click the “Buy Now” button under Reserve Your Beef and pay $50 (Which will go against you hanging weight cost in the fall.)–nonrefundable.
  • We watch your animal closely, allowing them to reach optimum weight based on their build and body type.  When they reach weight, we arrange a butcher day to slaughter.
  • On the day the beef reaches the butcher, the butcher will weigh the beef (this is the “Hanging Weight”).
  • We will notified you on Hanging Weight at which time you pay for hanging weight and slaughter cost.
  • You (our we will on your behalf) contact the butcher and inform them to what cuts (roasts, ribeye, ground) you prefer.
  • After aging (our goal is 2 to 2.5 weeks) the butcher will notify you.
  • You then go to the butcher (unless we have agreed on delivery), pay for the cut and wrap, and pick-up your meat.
  • Go home and enjoy some of Washington’s best grass-fed beef!

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Beef Terms of Sale

  • Please be read ALL policies BEFORE purchase.
  • You may buy our beef using cash, check, credit card, or PayPal
  • All sales are final.
  • Deposits are not refundable.
  • We use a local butcher for our Locker Beef.  However, we can help organize the shipment of your livestock to local USDA-approved meat processor.