Temporary Fence Building for Rotational Grazing

April 13 , 2019, 10:00-12:00pm; Lunch 12:00pm
$20 Registration Fee
We will spend two hours on how to develop a simple rotational pasture system which has been successful on the farm with cattle, goats, and sheep.  We’ll end the morning with lunch and conversaiton.

Wild Horse Theology

By Roger Lynn

April 06, 2019, 9:00am:
Theology is often a conversation of the intellect and often inside a building. Wild Horse theology opens you to the sweeping space of the reservation, bidding forth organic theological wonderment. Spend a few hours in the reaches of the reservation visiting an area where horses have recently visited. Participants will have time to reflect, journal, and embody the experience. Afterward, folk will have an opportunity to converse on what they noticed, learned, or considered. We will gather at 9:00am, have dinner at half past noon, and head for the barn at 2pm. Cost is $10/person and $20/family + $2/person over two (for the meal.)

Theology in the Paddock

October 12, 2019
We recognize most of us live in an urban-suburban society, and few of us have the opportunity to experience the rural lifestyle which our our ancestors took for normal. Much of our theology is rural and agriculturally based, yet most of us obtain a theological education without ever entering the paddock and experiencing the chicken, hog, sheep, goat, or cow.

This day is an introduction soil, plants, and animals and how they might have been considered when they were used in the storytelling of the Hebrew and Christian texts.

Conversation: White Privilege and White Supremacy Culture

October 19, 2019 
Join us at JustLiving Farm this coming Wednesday to have a conversation on White Privilege and the Culture of White Supremacy.
For an hour to an hour and a half, we will consider the difference between White Privilege and a White Supremacy Culture. There is no a hard and fast line in this conversation.

If you are a bit of a risk taker or simply tired of others forming the conversation for you, join us to talk about these terms and how they play out in the US, rural and urban communities, and the Eastern Washington landscape.

Fall Roundup BBQ

October 26, 2018
Looking toward winter and wrapping up fall.  No better time roundup neighbors and friends to sit down and have a meal!  A great time to visit the farm, walk around, and consider how you might engage in farm justice.  At the very least, have a farm grown hamburger or zucchini!  Contact us to let us know you are interested in coming to our Fall Roundup BBQ!

Grief In the Holidays: a gathering to navigate grief in the holiday season

November 02 , 2019
This is workshop is a time of understanding unique aspects of grief during the fall and winter holidays. While this is a special time of year, it also a time when we miss our people who are no longer with us. Come for a time of learning how to live well during the holidays.

Wandering the Text

Wandering the Text is an opportunity to spend four winter evenings exploring and conversing on ancient texts. Each night a theologian will present one text from their heritage/faith with a critical eye towards biblical criticism/text of faith (e.g., narrative, textual, source, postmodernist), and the texts Sitz im Leben (life setting of the text).

Wandering the Text is open to all folk (laity and clergy) who are interested in delving into scripture, welcoming challenge, and robust conversation.

The dates for 2019-2020 are to be determined.

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